Update 8/11/07


Well, yesterday I saw the paperwork from FHANA (Freisian Horse Association of America) to put a mmicrochip into my stallion (baby colt, really) and his name was on the papers, formally from them. So, I mean to tell you his name right now. If you remember Cassandra was my first real horse, and she came from Michigan to Arizona pregnant. She was the first horse I ever had that I liked; I learned how to ride on her, bonded with her, and actually had a real relationship like horse owners have on TV with other horses.

One morning, a few years ago, when Cassandra was expected to deliver, I went up to the barn and the trainer said, “we lost the colt and it doesn’t look good for her”. I thought she was fooling around with me. She wasn’t. The colt was stillborn and had been dead for a bit inside of Cassandra, and he was too big for her to pass without difficulty. His hoofs cut her stomach in half and she died during the birthing process.

Needless to say, I took this very hard. I had had other pets, and even my own pony when I was a kid, and we have owned horses since shortly after I married Pam, but this horse was mine, not Pam’s or someone else’s, if you know what I mean. When Papa De Boer gave me Matsje, she was pregnant by Ouke. I knew there was a good chance I would get what I wanted again. You see, I was secretly wishing for a colt, so he could be our black stallion for Electra and Pam. And even though we lost the colt with Cassandra, we got one with Matsje.

I chose the name that means “gracious gift from God”. I chose Zane. And his full name is Zane de Mustaine. I can’t wait to see the next foal she (Matsje) presents us. So, in closing this topic, thank you lovely Droogies for helping me pick the name for my Stallion (even if he is just a baby) 😉

Which brings us to today. I am going down with my friend Scott and our families to an orphanage in Mexico to help with the kids. This is going to be good for us to help the children.

I hope yer all excited about the Australian gigs down there. I know a few Gomers from Perth that won’t have to flyout to the East again. I hope yer also stoked about the bands on the bill. I know I am. I am excited about going into Adelaide. There are always city that are “new ones” or “personal favorties” of ours and I can’t tell you how excited I am to visit these two new stops for Gigantour. We really can’t stand the wait to come back down under and play for our Oz Droogies!

I can’t remember when things were this exciting for us. And after I get back from Mexico, I am goig to shave my beard off and start getting ready for the video, bench pressing Ice Teas, next to the pool. Lol! I know you would likely see the Drovers laying near their pools during these last days winding up before our next leg starts.

Hasta la vista, Droogies!