Cyber Army Song Titles Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Mackenzie Moore of Allen, Texas on winning the SFSGSW Song Titles Contest with his entry below. Mackenzie has won a So Far, So Good… So What! Picture Disc LP signed by Dave Mustaine! Great job Mackenzie!

“I was cast Into the Lungs of Hell to suffer for no less than 502 years…my penance for Mary Jane. Poor Mary Jane, for whom In My Darkest Hour, I caused great pain – torture really. It was akin to Anarchy in the U.K., I could’ve Set the World Afire. But, it wasn’t the world I was after, It was Mary Jane, the Liar. The pain…the suffering…the pleasure…the most exquisite of which was the Hook in Mouth. For this I must remain, to pay for my weakness, to pay for my sins In My Darkest Hour.”