Released: September 19, 1986  

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

A bona-fide thrash metal masterpiece, Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? combines a punkish political awareness with a dark, threatening, typically heavy metal worldview, and is one of the most powerful and contagious thrash records of the era. It catapulted Megadeth into the mainstream music scene and earned them worldwide attention of both critics and the heavy metal community. This album reached #76 on U.S. Billboard charts and was certified Platinum in 1992.

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring

    Solo - Mustaine

    Welcome to our sanguinary sect of worship
    Feel at home in our black conventicle
    As we anathematise
    All those who oppose us
    Don't summon the Devil,
    Don't call the priest
    If you need the strength,
    The conjuring, obey!

    Solo - Mustaine

    Behold the flames rise
    From the compass' cardinal points
    Burn the sacred oil
    And with the ashes you'll annoint

    Arrange the symbols
    Of the wizard, and magician
    Light the candles,
    Place the parchment paper in position
    Between its leaves,
    Place the lash from a black cat's eye
    A straw of a broom,
    Fold, and burn and centralize

    Don't summon the Devil;
    Don't call the priest
    If you need the strength,
    Then conjure me

    I am the Devil's advocate,
    A salesman if you will
    You know my name, you know my name

    I met your Father years ago,
    I gave him what he'd please
    He called my name, and you'll do the same

    I'm claiming what is mine by right,
    It's time to close the deal
    You're bought and sold, bought and sold

    Come join me in my infernal depths,
    Mephisto's hall of fame
    I've got your soul, I've got your soul
    The conjuring

    Solo - Mustaine

  • Peace Sells

    Peace Sells

    Solo - Mustaine

    What do you mean I don't believe in God?
    Talk to him every day
    What do you mean I don't support your system?
    I go to court when I have to
    What do you mean I can't get to work on time?
    Got nothing better to do
    What do you mean I don't pay my bills?
    Why do you think I'm broke? Huh?

    If there's a new way
    I'll be the first in line
    But, it better work this time

    Solo - Poland

    What do you mean I hurt your feelings?
    I didn't know you had any feelings

    Solo - Poland

    What do you mean I ain't kind?
    Just not your kind

    Solo - Poland

    What do you mean I couldn't be President Of the United States of America?

    Solo - Poland

    Tell me something, it's still 'We the people', right?

    Solo - Poland

    If there's a new way
    I'll be the first in line
    But, it better work this time

    Solo - Poland
    Solo - Mustaine
    Solo - Poland
    Solo - Mustaine

    Can you put a price on peace?
    Peace, peace sells, peace, peace sells
    Peace sells, but who's buying?

    Solo - Poland

    Peace sells, but who's buying?
    No, no, no, no, no!

    Solo - Poland

    Peace sells

    Solo - Poland

    Peace sells
  • Devils Island

    Devils Island

    Solo - Mustaine

    The light that fills my lonely cell
    Is blocked out by the key
    That locks the door to this hell
    The place they wanted me
    Time's racing like the wind
    Execution's near
    Oh lord, I wait for death
    And, yes, I have no fear
    I recall that night, my every breath
    And step along the way
    Closed my eyes, walking
    As danger paved the way
    The devil, and the darkness
    Let her evil wander free
    Here on Devils Island
    The final stop for me

    Devils Island, Devils Island

    Oh, there's no escape
    The sea is full of sharks
    Tide takes you away, and
    Smash you on the rocks
    The sun is shining
    But feel not today
    It's warmth, it's dying
    And fading away

    Devils Island, here I stay, Devils Island

    Oh, hear the call
    From the grave beyond
    Oh, so pernicious
    Her soul it creates song
    As there is no man
    That is here upon the earth
    Able to terminate our
    Noisome will since birth

    The priest that reads the sermon
    Is walking next to me
    To the stake my last request
    To have her burn with me
    And so it did, the heavens opened
    Rain began to fall
    Final judgement came and
    Was spread before you all
    Final judgement

    Solo - Mustaine

    Old, weak, and feeble,
    And the lesson taught to me
    Stay away from evil,
    She doesn't care for me
    She haunts me in my sleep
    Though I tore that page away
    Here on Devils Island
    I'll always have to stay

    Devils Island, Devils Island
    Here I am

    Solo - Poland

    Devils Island, Devils Island
  • Good Mourning/Black Friday

    Good Mourning/Black Friday

    Solo - Poland

    Good Mourning

    Solo - Poland
    Solo - Mustaine

    Hey, I don't feel so good
    Something's not right
    Something's coming over me
    What the fuck is this?

    Solo - Mustaine

    Killer, intruder, homicidal man
    If you see me coming run as fast as you can
    Blood-thirsty demon who's stalking the street
    I hack up my victims like pieces of meat

    Blood-thirsty demon, sinister fiend
    Bludgeonous slaughter's my evil deed

    My hammer's a cold piece of blood-lethal steel
    I grin while you writhe with the pain that I deal
    Swinging the hammer, I hack through their heads
    Deviant defilers, you're next to be dead
    I unleash my hammer with sadistic intent
    Pounding, surrounding, slamming through your head

    Bodies convulse in agony, and pain
    I mangle their face till no features remain
    A blade for the butchering, I cut them to shreds
    First take out the organs, then cut off the head
    The remains of flesh now sop under my feet
    One more bloody massacre, the murder's complete
    I seek to dismember, a sadist fiend
    Bloodbath's my way of getting clean

    I lurk in the alley wait for the kill
    I have no remorse for the blood that I spill
    A merciless butcher who lives underground
    I'm out to destroy and I will cut you down
    I see you and I'm waiting for Black Friday

    Solo - Poland

    Turn me loose!

    Killer, intruder, homicidal man
    If you see me coming run as fast as you can
    A blood-thirsty demon who's stalking the street
    I hack up my victims like pieces of meat

    Blood-thirsty demon, sinister fiend
    Bludgeonous slaughter's my evil deed A merciless butcher who lives underground
    I'm out to destroy you and I will cut you down

    It's Black Friday, paint the devil on the wall
  • Bad Omen

    Bad Omen

    Solo - Poland

    Down fell the stars, as they
    Splashed into the sea
    "Mi nomine Baphomet"
    Come dance with me
    Sacrifice the virgins
    Spiritual rites
    Their master's time has come
    The moon is full tonight

    Drinking, dancing,
    They worship and toast
    The Devil, who's watching
    With demon's remote
    Fire, rising,
    Racing in your blood
    Possessed, naive,
    His service is done

    It's the Sabbath

    Solo - Mustaine

    Bloody Sabbath, bad omen of the Goat

    Solo - Mustaine

    Bloody blasphemy

    Solo - Mustaine

    Sinister's the word
    As the demon's take their fill
    An orgy's taking place,
    Human blood will spill
    An act of worship
    As they conceive the ghouls
    Satan has their souls,
    They sing pagan tunes

    The ceremony
    Is sure to be cursed
    They wait for his blessing,
    But down comes the worst
    Their bodies soulless,
    A corpse from the grave
    Their minds are helpless,
    And no one can save

    No one can save, one can know!
  • I Ain't Superstitious

    I Ain't Superstitious

    I ain't superstitious,
    When a black cat crosses my path
    And I ain't superstitious
    As I break the looking glass
    Ain't afraid of no demons,
    Don't make me laugh!
    I ain't superstitious,
    Under the ladder I go
    And I ain't superstitious,
    It's all bullshit, don't you know!
    I ain't afraid of no shadows,
    I like the dark anyway
    And that's a fact! Ha!

    Superstitious, superstitious

    And I ain't superstitious,
    No such thing as bad luck
    And I ain't superstitious,
    I couldn't really give a fuck
    Take your stupid superstitions,
    Find some other paranoidal,
    Chickenshit, sissy, worm, and tell it to him

    Superstitious, superstitious

    I ain't superstitious

    And that's a fact, one more time,
    Come on, shut your mouth,
    Listen up, hey it's my turn

    All solos - Poland
  • My Last Words

    My Last Words

    Solo - Poland

    My life's on time,
    But again my sense is late
    Feel a might unsteady,
    But still I have to play
    Six to one's the odds,
    We have the highest stakes
    Once again I gamble with my very life today

    Highly polished metal,
    The oil makes it gleam
    Fill the terror chamber,
    Your mind begins to scream
    Your life is like a trigger,
    Never trouble till you're squeezed
    Now you crack a smile
    As you give the gun a tease

    Place the piston down,
    Now give the gun a spin
    Soon as the spinning stops,
    Oh no, the game starts in
    A hateful way of vengeance,
    A bit of playful sin
    Load another bullet,
    The second round begins

    A couple grains of powder,
    A couple grams of lead
    A touch against the trigger,
    A touch inside the head
    Take another drink,
    And raise the last bet
    Think about my last words,
    They might be what I just said

    A click comes from the hammer,
    That couldn't drive a nail
    Sense the numbing cold blue,
    Or the red of Hades' grill
    A fraction of a second,
    Do you lose or maybe still
    Pass it to the left,
    And collect your mighty kill

    Add another bullet,
    The third round begins
    Soon as the spinning stops,
    Oh no, the game starts in
    Please, no IOU's,
    No markers for death
    Does anybody play?
    Anybody, somebody, anybody play?

    Solo - Mustaine

    You, you, next victim, you next to die
    You, you, next victim, you, your turn to die
    You, come on, next victim, you, your turn to die
    You die!
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