Cyber Army Challenge Coin Series I – Megadeth

$20.00 Cyber Army Challenge Coin Series I

The first Megadeth Cyber Army Challenge Coin of the series!

This high quality custom coin was included in the 2011 Ultimate Membership fan package.

Coin is die-struck, stamped brass dual plated in polished copper & silver with hard enamel black and sandblasted gold detailing.

Comes with an individual vinyl coin pouch.

Thickness: 3mm. Size: 1.75". Weight 38 grams.

History of Challenge Coins: Challenge Coins surfaced during the World War I & II era. The practice of carrying a coin designed specifically for a unit was popular with the Army Special Forces. Carrying the coin at all times and presenting it when "challenged" to prove affiliation with that unit resulted in a number of consequences for those who could not produce a coin - the most popular required the coinless soldier to buy a round of drinks. That practice continues to be popular today.

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